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Thank you, Michael!
Posted on Jul 06 2006 by Greg and Tim
“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great book. I appreciate all the work you've done to let people know who we were and are. It's a fantastic document of our times and lives at Disneyland Records. “I hope many, many people will read our story, especially with the love and care you gave to telling it, and seek out those great songs and moments for themselves. “It's nice to think that somehow it mattered and still matters to people all over the world, because the music always came from our deepest places. You've honored us with remembering us." - Veteran Disney songwriter/singer MICHAEL SILVERSHER

Really Nice Review on CARTOON BREW
Posted on Jun 26 2006 by Greg and Tim
"Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records, by Tim Hollis and Greg Ehrbar, fills in a missing piece of the Disney legacy. In the 1950s, the Disney company exploded - with TV production, Disneyland, Buena Vista Film distribution, and a music company, which begat Disneyland Records.This book chronicles the story of how Roy and Walt entered the recording and music publishing business.

"It's a fascinating story - and a great tribute to the voices behind the mike and the talents behind the scenes. Paul Frees, Thurl Ravenscroft, Cliff Edwards, Sterling Holloway, Dal McKennon, Alan Young, Hal Smith, Billy Bletcher, The Sherman Brothers, Jimmy Dodd and Annette are all part of the story. It's a great read and if you're a fan of Disneyana, this is a must-have." Renowned Animation Author/Historian JERRY BECK

Posted on Jun 26 2006 by Greg and Tim
“What an incredible piece of work this is! I haven't been able to get through it all yet, but man, what a hefty tome! So much information there-it's just really wonderful. The way the thing looks, how it's presented and the casual writing style make it really a delight.

“I already find that I've gone in to look up specific facts as part of EMP [Seattle's Experience Music Project], I end up reading the whole chapter! It's just really very well done."
- Randy Thornton, Walt Disney Records Grammy® and Platinum award-winning Producer

Really Nice Laughing Place Review of MOUSE TRACKS
Posted on Jun 25 2006 by Greg and Tim

We're grateful to Rhett Wickham for this generous, lengthly review on

Here's a short excerpt: "Where WED and the development of the parks, or the expansion into television, are obvious and somewhat well-known tales for how they drew from the company’s core business of animated films, Walt Disney Records pulls from as many places within the company, and from without, with recognizable talent and window-adorning executive names crossing paths with familiar faces and voices from outside of Disney so many times and in so many ways that it’s nothing short of a minor miracle that Hollis and Ehrbar were able to untangle it into such an entertaining and interesting read..."

You rock the archives, Robert!
Posted on Jun 16 2006 by Greg and Tim

“What can I say but 'CONGRATULATIONS!!! I remember when Dave Smith and I proofread the text (it seems like so long ago), and I knew then that this was going to be a sterling book. To see it in finished form -- so many unique photos!! You and Tim have a lot to be proud of."

- Walt Disney Archivist & Author, The Disney Keepsakes ROBERT TIEMAN

Thanks for the kind words, Ron!
Posted on Jun 16 2006 by Greg and Tim

"What a great job you guys did. It's amazing that so much Disney history was out there, untold, and you managed to track it down and tell it all in such a thorough, entertaining way. It was great to have the pieces of the story that I knew about put into the context of the larger story of Walt Disney Records.

"You also brought back the memory of many wonderful people with whom I worked over the years--Hal Smith, Ginny Tyler, Tony Pope, George Charouhas, Bruce Botnick, the Silvershers, and many, many more--in addition, of course, to Randy, Ted, Shep, and the people I worked with every day.

"The main thing I wanted to say was thank you for putting a somewhat forgotten part of my life into a book, so I can take it down and remind myself that I really was a part of something important and special. You did a wonderful job, and I'm very grateful."

- Multi-million selling Disney Records producer RONALD KIDD

Tony Orlando and His Friends
Posted on Jun 13 2006 by Greg

Last week, pop music icon Tony Orlando made his Epcot debut for the Flower Power Concert Series. Unlike some performers who do three similar 30-minute shows per night, he and his band actually varied each show to make it more of a 90-minute concert with breaks.

Orlando is quick to credit and showcase those around him, so all of his band members were welcomed to sing and play. It's also very much a "family" event, because his youngest brother David plays keyboard and a large contingent of close family members and longtime friends accompanied the singer on his visit. In addition to brothers Kerry and Tracy Cole on keyboard and guitar, Orlando's band included Michael Jackson (not THAT Michael Jackson) on percussion and the legendary Toni Wine on keyboard as well.

Toni Wine is a familiar voice to millions as the lead female singer of The Archies (she sang, "I'm gonna make your life so sweeet!" in the hit "Sugar Sugar") and countless other studio vocals, plus well-known commercials like "Meow-Meow-Meow-Meow" (Meox Mix), "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" (Coca-Cola), and "Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut" (Almond Joy). Her songwriting credits during the fabled "Brill Building" pop era, include "Candida" and "Groovy Kind of Love."

The best (and most official) collection of Archies hits is on this album: CLICK HERE .

One of the best Tony Orlando & Dawn collections is here: CLICK HERE

In his frank, candid biography, Orlando chronicles the 60's music business, his rise to success, relationships with legendary stars, and his fall and rise from personal problems. It's definitely "grown-up" reading. CLICK HERE FOR BOOK .

After you read his book, watch the DVDs of his show and you'll see a lot of the events he references in the bok (e.g. a clumsy edit to eliminate the "issue" with Jackie Gleason, etc.). CLICK HERE

Orlando is also involved with constant charitable and patriotic endeavors. Find out more at his website:

"Sir Sing-a-Lot" is On Track
Posted on Jun 02 2006 by Greg and Tim

"All I can say is "wow!!"...everything about it is 1st class.....what a wealth of info, and so wonderfully written....Tim and Greg have done an expert job in every category."

- Grammy-winning Hollywood studio singer GENE MERLINO

(Read more about Gene's amazing career on page 111 of Mouse Tracks. A sample: he was one of the "Gilligan's Island" theme singers!)














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