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This week's Spin: Hercules and Thor on Records
Blog, Movies, TV, Music, Records
Posted on Aug 06 2014 by Greg

With Disney's Hercules premiering on Blu-ray, here's a look at how Golden Records interpreted humbler version of the Olympian wonder boy from early '60s TV, plus another Golden adaptation of Marvel's movie powerhouse, The Mighty Thor...

This week's Spin: Bedknobs and Limpets
Posted on Jul 31 2014 by Greg

The music of two beloved live-action / animation movies -- both of which take place during WWII and have underwater sequences -- are showcased in two vintage records.

This week's Spin: TV Classic Top Cat on Records
Blog, TV, Music, Records
Posted on Jul 26 2014 by Greg

Hanna-Barbera's impeccably written and masterfully acted prime time animated series gets the vinyl treatment on two classic albums from the mid-60s.

BOOK REVIEW: "One More Time" by B.J. Novak
Blog, Books
Posted on Jul 15 2014 by Greg

Lots of critics are comparing B.J. Novak's writing to Steve Martin and David Sedaris and other contemporaries. I see a lot of James Thurber and especially Max Shulman. Maybe it's just me.

All I know is that this book is never-lagging, always entertainment funhouse led by a writer who's been staying very quiet and just paying attention to what's going on. And he's been doing this since he was a kid.

While there are adult moments, to be sure, in One More Thing, there's is also a lot of kid's eye-view stuff with the same inverted logic and gotchas you find in the other stories. Even the adult stuff has a child's fresh perspective on life and people. Don't let them beat it out of you, B.J. (Or may I call you "Beej," like Hawkeye on M*A*S*H?) There is outrage, but it's not bitter. The sharp digs are done with more of a headshake than a vitroilic spew.

Insight after insight, page after page. And when he seems to getting a little too close to an edge too far, he knows just how far to lean, making you wonder about what he's up to, then turns it around so you say, "OHHHH!" the way Edith Bunker used to when she finally "got" something.

Besides the cereal box story, which suggests Jean Shepard and Jerry Mathers, I LOVED the story about heaven. How did "Beej" know that's exactly the way heaven is? In addition to the free concerts, look for "I Love Lucy" live with the original cast. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and wait until you read "Wikipedia Brown!"

Worth reading and re-reading. I actually read the Dan Fogelberg story and "If I Had a Nickel" to my wife aloud. Most of the stories are best when shared. When's the last time you could say THAT about a book?

Now that I've read Novak's book, I'm in the middle of the autobiography of the writer he portrayed in "Saving Mr. Banks," Robert B. Sherman, in a book called "Moose." Very different books, but connected in a very unusual way.

The constable's responstable.

This week's Spin: Time Travel with The Sherman Brothers
Blog, Movies, TV, Music, Records
Posted on Jul 15 2014 by Greg

A young John Travolta, the voice talents of Paul Frees, music legends and more appear in two of the Sherman's most evocative musical scores.

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