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DVD REVIEW: Gravity Falls - Six Strange Tales
Posted on Oct 24 2013 by Greg

Regular Voice Cast: Kristen Schaal (Mabel); Jason Morgan (Dipper); Alex Hirsch (Grunkle Stan, Soos)


Recurring Voices: Linda Cardellini (Wendy); Keith Ferguson, Kimberley Mooney, Frank Tataschiore, John DiMaggio, Will Forte, Kevin Michael Richardson, Gregg Turkington, April Winchell, Grey Delisle, Jennifer Coolidge


Guest Voices: Alfred Molina, Larry King, John Oliver, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz, Coolio, Will Friedle, Justin Roiland, Stephen Root, Thurop Van Orman, Eric Bauza, Stephen Root, Michael Rianda, Jessica DiCicco, Ken Jenkins, TJ Miller, Andrew Pifko, Chris Wylde


Music by Brad Breeck


Gravity Falls is an imaginative Disney Channel animated series about a brother and sister who are sent by their parents to stay with their Great Uncle (“Grunkle”) Stan, who operates a cheesy “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”-type tourist trap in a bizarre but picturesque locale called Gravity Falls.


The premise is very slightly like the short-lived series Wonderfalls as far as the shop and location, but really reminds me of Eerie, Indiana, another short-lived series about two boys who keep discovering strange goings-on in their seemingly ordinary town (ironically this series was rerun on Disney Channel). I mention these only because those two shows were actually pretty cool, so it’s nice to see the basic idea being done in an animated setting—and finally with success.


The show is packed with gags but does not have the jagged edge of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, a series I would recommend for older kids and teens but not young tots. Gravity Falls has the fantasy but not all the farts, though the very young may find it a little scary at times.


It’s wonderful that this collection includes the first six of the 20-episode first season in chronological order, which hopefully will continue with subsequent releases like it. More often, shows like these are cobbled into a themed collection that combine episodes from previous collections with a few previously unreleased ones, making it challenging for fans and collectors.


The DVD has no bonus features but the package includes a poster and a booklet resembling a mysterious journal that figures into the premise of the series.


Episodes in this collection:


1. Tourist Trapped (June 15, 2012)
Dipper and Mabel settle into Gravity Falls and discover the mysterious journal.


2. The Legend of the Gobblewonker (June 29, 2012)

On a fishing trip with Grunkle Stan, the kids plan to get a picture of the legendary Gobbley-wonker(?) is rumored to exist on Scuttlebutt Island.


3. Headhunters (June 30, 2012)

Mabel sculpts a wax figure of Grunkle Stan, but the figure’s head mysteriously disappears.


4. The Hand That Rocks the Mabel (July 6, 2012)

Mabel is drawn to Gideon, a would-be psychic and rival to Grunkle Stan. Gideon is a twisted, twangy villain who unmistakably suggests faith healers much like the one Steve Martin portrayed in the movie Leap of Faith.


5. The Inconveniencing July 13, 2012

Dipper is drawn to Wendy, an teenage co-worker who introduces them to her noncomformist friends and a trek inside a very strange convenience store.


6. Dipper vs. Manliness July 20, 2012

Dipper set out to prove how manly he is, while Mabel helps Grunkle Stan to get noticed by waitress Lazy Susan.

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